Customer Reviews

Tyler Infield

Great people great work. Had my front axle redone and now my jeep is point, stick, and go. Neal does a great job getting you the parts you need and informing you of the best options possible for you. Greg is a great mechanic and his axle work is on point. Great business huge asset to our community!

Scott Bennett

Good People, Good Times and Great Work. Came in stock, Left Customized.

Bill Ketron

Great group of guys ! Good work in a timely manner. Walk in a customer and leave a friend

Peggy Mccoy Montgomery

I'm so happy with the work they did and how they kept me in the loop. They found things wrong that 3 other mechanics missed. Helped me choose which parts to use. Took the time to explain everything and are really helping me get to know the mechanics of my jeep. And I never left more confused than when I walked guys are AWESOME! Will be putting lots of miles on my baby just so they can work on her. It will be worth it! Thank you guys!

Windsey Wonka

Great guys! Very knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. This Jeepher is extremely pleased and won't take my jeep anywhere else!

Carol Ann

Excellent group of men who without a doubt are knowledgeable and extremely helpful and talented!!!

Mark Ledford Sr.

These guys are extremely helpful and easy to talk to, and they do know Jeeps. They also carry quality affordable products and I plan to do a lot more business with them.

Brandon Valentine

I was passing through on I-90 when my 1987 Comanche puked transmission fluid. A local came up to me in the parking lot of a gas station in Geneva and told me to head for Simpson. They did a great job of quickly diagnosing and treating the issue -- getting me back on the road that day. Good, honest folks who will take good care of you.

Cheryl Hunt

I have been here twice with my Willy! The whole experience both times has been fantastic!!! Quick scheduling and professional help and guidance! Neil and Scott have answered all my questions and have been very professional! I highly recommend this place!!! Thanks for all you guys do!! ✌️✌️

Diana Householder
I’ve struggled with my JK for a while. The guys at SFJ were so great! I have my parts ordered and can’t wait to fall back in love with my Jeep.
It’s a different vehicle!!! Thank you all so much!