Our Story

Jen and Beth Simpson circa 1983/84 with Dad Simpson's original 1971 CJ5


Being part of the Jeep family is more than just what vehicle you drive; it’s a culture, a way of life. When people had the banners on their rides, “It’s a Jeep Thing You Wouldn’t Understand,” it was no joke. Once people get their first Jeep it begins to sink into their blood and they realize how easy a new rugged world of outdoor adventure and camaraderie becomes accessible to them. This is our story. We’re red blooded Americans who love our God, our country, our family and ourwayof life. We’re not descendantsof any automotive giant, but a family of teachers, factory workers, shade treemechanics, counselors, farmers and the like. We are part of the offroad industry because we arepassionate and dedicated to being outside and active both in the woods and in our garage!


Grandpa Simpson with his tank squad and tank “Blood and Guts”

Our story starts with our Grandfather in the 1950’s. In 1952, upon returning from the Occupation Forces following WWII, Grandpa Simpson purchased his first civilian Jeep for his farm. Later his son, David Simpson, would purchase a 1971 Dauntless powered CJ5 (this Jeep is still on the farm and worked for many years as a reliable farm vehicle). Neil Simpson (owner of Simpson Family Jeeps and son of David Simpson) owned his first Jeep at age 17 and built it for fun offroad and “picking up the ladies” (truth be told there was more picking up broken parts and driving friends around than ladies jumping into the Jeep). Later Beth Simpson would get into the mix with her own built 1987 YJ, wheeling all over the Northeastern US in her Jeep lovingly adorned, “The Hussy.”

We’ve all since moved on from our “first” Jeeps, but they still hold a special place in our heart. We have numerous Jeeps at one time and they all share similar characteristics: they’re meant to be driven and to be worked. Our Jeeps are functional. Yes, some ride on a trailer to faraway places, but that is mainly because driving a 1948 Willys CJ2A at 45 mph would take three days to get anywhere. Our intention is simple—keep rare and useful parts accessible, recycle for the good of the earth and your bank account, make sure that newbie Jeep owners have a friendly face to turn to within the industry, and keep our American Legends from fading into history.

This is us. We’re a Jeep family through and through. It’s a family Jeep thing and we understand. Do you have what it takes to be part of the family? Whether it’s restoring your ride, building it for Off-Road adventures or just cruising the strip with your top off, we’ve got the expertise, the parts and the passion to see you through becoming part of the SFJ4x4 Jeep Family.

Pic of Jennifer Lyn, Leo, and Neil Simpson in front of trailer
Pic of Scott and Aiden Brown, and Leo and Neil Simpson seated on Jeep bench seat.